Retrofitted machinery

from AGEMA Germany

Repurchase & Trade-in

We are also your reliable partner when it comes to repurchasing AGEMA machines. For used machines we carry out a binding evaluation. This can also be used to pay a deposit for a new machine.
Let us provide you a binding evaluation of your machine. Contact us:


Binding evaluation
Reduced investment costs
Availability of latest technology
Excellent price-performance ratio

Fast availability or additional capacity needed?

We will be pleased to make you an offer for an retrofitted AGEMA machine that you cannot refuse. Please contact us.
An retrofitted AGEMA machine has the quality of a "new" machine, because it is completely overhauled, tested and has a warranty of six months on parts. In order to achieve this standard, all components of a warranty machine are cleaned and tested. If the machines show signs of wear or damage, original spare parts are installed. The machine is then subjected to an operational test.
Control and cleaning of components
Function test and tests
Original spare parts in case of wear or defect

Not convinced yet?

Contact us, we will be pleased to make you an offer and discuss your field of application and the requirements of your components with you.

Wir sind umgezogen!

Zum 1. Juli 2019 hat die Fa. MAS-SysTec GmbH mit ihren Erodiermaschinen AGEMA Germany umfirmiert. Im Zuge dessen wird aus der MAS-SysTec GmbH die AGEMA Germany GmbH.

Der Ihnen bekannte Ansprechpartner Herr Markus Augenstein steht Ihnen, neben den neuen Ansprechpartnern, für Fragen jederzeit zur Verfügung.
Ebenfalls hat sich unsere Anschrift sowie die Telefonverbindung geändert:

AGEMA Germany GmbH
Humboldtstr. 20
D-75334 Straubenhardt
E-Mail:  (ist gleich geblieben)
Telefon: +49 70 82 92 418 – 0    (Zentrale)
Telefon: +49 70 82 92 418 – 1    (Herr Augenstein)

Wir danken Ihnen für die bisherige Zusammenarbeit und freuen uns, die gute und partnerschaftliche Geschäftsbeziehung mit Ihnen wie gewohnt fortzuführen.

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