AGEMA History

Long-term development


In order to continue our technology company on a long-term basis and to strengthen it with capacities and know-how, the company MAS-SysTec GmbH with its eroding machines AGEMA Germany will be taken over by a family on 1 July 2019 and integrated into a medium-sized family business. In the course of this, MAS-SysTec GmbH becomes AGEMA Germany GmbH.

Our Focus

2007- 2019

The performance of CNC machines particularly dependents on the control system. Therefore we have developed our start hole drilling machines in this area decisively in the past years. Furthermore we have also managed to develop various designs of EDM machines for our customers.  

Fine boring module & thread eroding


In addition to thread eroding in 2017, the first machine with a fine boring module is developed, which enables bores smaller than 0.10 mm, e.g. with a 0.08 mm electrode.

Market launch


Our first machine was presented at EuroMold 2009 and introduced to the market in 2010.

Our area of expertise

Seit 2007

As a young and flexible company MAS Systec GmbH the company AGEMA SA from Switzerland, in Karlsbad in Baden-Württemberg, will be continued. With our start hole drilling machines, customers are offered a "round" range of services.

Further development


In 2007 the company AGEMA SA is taken over in order to guarantee the production of successor machines and to carry out a systematic further development of the machines. Today's products are therefore further developments of the product series AGEMA and AGEMA SA from Switzerland.




The company AGEMA SA is founded in Switzerland.